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Forfar Dairy's main focus for 120 years had been cow cheddar. In the 1980's, when the cheese industry became more competitive, Forfar Dairy began experimenting with alternative cheeses. Interest in cheddar was regained with the development of flavoured cheddar. Forfar Dairy flavours their cheddar with Caraway, Green Onion, Red Pepper, and Garlic and uses only Carotene, derived from plants, to colour their cheddar. Garlic and Salsa curd are factory specialties on weekends. Forfar Dairy is also manufacturing a skim milk cheese, flavoured and plain for those counting their calories.

In 1990, with interest shifting to healthier foods, the Dairy began experimenting with goat milk products. Since goat milk is more easily digested then cow's milk, there was a market with people who are lactose intolerant. A few local dairy farmers switched from milking cows to milking goats and today, Forfar Dairy produces a range of goat milk cheeses such as goat feta, mozzarella, chevre` and cheddar. Some of the goat cheddar is flavoured with jalapeno, dill, and the most popular, garsley, which is a garlic and parsley mix.

Since goat cheese is not considered palatable for some, Forfar Dairy decided to produce yet another type of cheese for the lactose intolerant, sheep milk cheese. With the milk supplied again by local sheep milk farmers, Forfar produces 3 types of sheep milk cheese, sheep milk feta, cheddar and their own semi-soft called Trillium. Sheep milk cheese has a distinct flavour and more enhanced digestive qualities than goat milk cheese.

Health food stores, along with other retailers throughout eastern Ontario, work with Forfar Dairy to deliver the sheep, goat and cow milk cheese to their customers. For a list of products available throughout North America, please visit our order site.

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