Forfar Dairy Limited Since 1863 - Portland, Ontario, Canada


Local independent cheese factory reaches international standard.

The Forfar Dairy is stepping into a new era with accreditation by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) as a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) processor.

The Forfar Dairy made its first round of cheese in 1863 and is now the oldest and smallest independent cheese factory in Eastern Ontario.

CFIA personnel were at the dairy on March 25, 2003 to give the company this new recognition.

HACCP has become the market standard for food safety worldwide and is an internationally recognized means of assuring food safety from harvest to consumption. Forfar Dairy products will now be able to be marketed anywhere in the world.

Forfar employees have worked long and hard with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency to implement monitoring to reach this international standard. A product and system based approach for quality control protects Forfar cheese at every stage of the manufacturing and delivery process.

The dairy built its reputation for taste on its traditional cheddar and curds but now manufactures 25 different types of cow milk cheese, ten varieties of goat cheese and three kinds of sheep milk cheese.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished and hope you will soon visit us either in person or at our Online Store.


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