1536 County Rd. 42, R.R. #1
Portland, ON  K0G 1V0
P: 613-272-2107
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About Forfar Dairy


The Forfar Dairy Cheese Store is a popular Tourist Destination and has been for 95 years.  As well as being a hot spot among tourists it has a loyal local resident customer base with seasonal cottagers from Canada and the United States.

Small local factories supply aged cheddar cheeses in large blocks from 5 year old to new (extra fresh).  These blocks are cut and packaged on site for retail sale. Fresh curds are delivered five days a week and also packaged on site for sale.  In addition to the plain regular curds there is also garlic and salsa curds flavoured on site for sale.  In addition to the Canadian Cheddars there a many cheeses from Australia, England, Scotland and Ireland to name a few which are imported through a wholesaler.

Forfar Dairy also has a wide selection of unique grocery items, giftware, baked goods. scooped ice cream and a coffee bar luncheon menu available.  

The Forfar Cheese Store underwent extensive renovations in 2009 doubling the retail space to enhance customer shopping.